You woke up one morning and realized the you in the mirror wasn’t the same you from memory. You decided you were going to start making changes to better your life. But where should you start? Is cardio the most important? How about strength training? What about taking care of that nagging pain in your lower back? Should you just start slowly and increase your exercise? Should you focus on flexibility? Before long you are overwhelmed and you decide to do the easiest thing - nothing.

Contact me now and I will help answer all of these fitness and overall health questions. Working with a personal trainer will be fun. It will add a new dimension to your life, your social circle will increase, you will feel more confident and happy. I will help you set goals and I will keep you accountable for those goals. Together, we can make your fitness dreams come true!

About Me

But first - let me tell you a little more about myself.

My name is Barbie Markey and I am a personal trainer and group fitness instructor. I have an incredible passion for fitness and motivating others to be their best self.  Growing up, I played softball and field hockey, but would play anything else my friends or sisters were playing at the time. Some of the best times of my life were after a long hard fought field hockey match in which I left everything I had on the field. In addition to playing sports I fell in love with dance from a young age and I can vividly remember the long hours I spent learning choreography, the blisters on my feet, and the elation after a successful performance.

Throughout college I continued to dance and play field hockey, but I learned the bad habits of a college kid. I ate cheap, poorly prepared food and being in your early 20s when you feel invincible, you don’t feel the effects as quickly but I soon began to gain weight, feel sluggish and lost my motivation for sport and dancing every day. When I graduated, I began work on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC which required long hours at a desk. I needed a creative and physical outlet. Searching online for local dance classes I found the Washington Redskins Cheerleaders. As a lifelong Redskins fan I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to work with the best in the business! I worked with them for two seasons and I cherished every single moment.  What an incredible experience! I've always loved football (and the Redskins) so every day was a dream just setting foot in the stadium.  I am so thankful for the time I spent there. Additionally, training for peak performance as a member of the team really piqued my interest in strength training and nutrition.

The desk job wasn’t getting me closer to my dream of helping other people reach their fitness goals, so I quit, and now I help people, just like yourself, every day!

From weekend workout warriors to college athletes
From fitness uninitiated to aspiring ultra-marathoners
From tone-up to slim-down
From increasing strength to increasing flexibility
From pre-wedding to pre-natal, 

My education as a certified personal trainer (NCCPT, NASM, AFAA & many more), college field hockey player, and Washington Redskin Cheerleader, as well as embarking my own weight loss and fitness journey have all helped me understand the roadblocks, desires, and expectations of anyone trying to reach their goals in gaining the health they want and deserve.

Next Steps

1) Give me a call, email or submit the online inquiry form so we can chat!
2) Our first meeting will be an initial consultation where we review your goals and conduct a fitness screening (no sweating yet!) but this helps me understand your baseline fitness level and starting point. 
3) Join a class, purchase a package, or start training 1 on 1 in your home or in-studio.

That's it. Very simple. We need to get to know each other, and then we can get to work! The journey is going to be fun and challenging. 

I pride myself on developing thoughtful programs for each of my clients. There is no "standard" workout that I administer. I carefully curate the exercises to focus on particular weaknesses so you will reap the maximum benefit. This is very different than many trainers, and it is one of the many ways that I differentiate myself. 



We offer the whole gamut of training options.

Preliminary Evaluation

For the preliminary evaluation, I will put you through a set of tests called the Functional Movement Screen. It is a world class evaluation system that highlights possible imbalances and your overall body mechanics. You can read more about it here. We will also discuss your personal goals, pain points, and past injury history.

Diet Plans

We all know the truth - working out is only one half of the equation and diet is the rest. I preach a whole foods, minimal meat diet and have seen staggering results when a client cleans up their diet. As Hippocarates said in 440 BC, "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food." Eating more vegetables like spinach and broccoli, grains like quinoa and brown rice, legumes like lentils and black beans, with plenty of fruits like berries, bananas and apples,  plus nuts, and you will likely feel better. Reducing the inflammatory items that we ingest like bleached flour, heavily processed foods, and meats, can help reduce the daily pains that are felt. 

$50/Half Hour | $80/Hour

You have your goals and no one is going to stop you from reaching them. The "One on One" provides the most accountability and personalization. You will have my undivided attention for a full hour and we will consistently review your goals to make sure we are hitting them. From losing weight, to running a marathon, to fitting in an important dress or pair of pants, with One on One training, you will have all the tools to hit your goals. 

You can also request One on One training in the convenience of your home. We don't need a lot of space to get a lot of results, and I can bring much of the equipment with me.


A romantic, productive, and stimulating thing to do with your significant other is workout and sweat together! The participants can either do the same workout, or different workouts for each person to hit their individual goals.  If your son or daughter comes home from college, they can certainly join the class too! 

CLASSES (5+ participants) 
$25/Class | $110/Five-Classes

Each class will focus on a given topic such as cardio, strength, stretching, or total body. You can drop in on any class to try it out for free.

Small Group (LEss than 5 People)
$100 Split between Participants

Small groups take a more focused look at the priorities of the participants in each group. For the classes I teach with college athletes, the focus is total body strength and conditioning, agility and the ever important injury prevention. For the male professionals, the groups tend to focus on increasing muscular size through compound lifts, and for the females the focus is on toning and shaping long lean muscles through resistance work interspersed with cardio. For the more advanced professionals, the groups tend to focus more on mobility and movement free of pain, while increasing balance, flexibility and strength. There are often small group classes you can join, however each small group is it's own unit. Grab your friends or coworkers, and create your own small group with its own individual focus.

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"I never thought I would say this but, being reluctantly dragged to the gym by a friend has turned out to be the best fitness journey of my life. I was active and athletic but hadn’t considered myself “fit” in quite some time. I was satisfied with my fitness efforts and didn’t think I had much to gain from any other classes. I was WAY wrong, I started a 12-week BootCamp program with Barbie McCarron. From the beginning, Barbie had high energy and was very encouraging, she always found a way to make the 6am classes fun and challenging. After the 12-week program I saw real results and was eager for more. I’ve been working with Barbie (now in small group personal training) for about a year now, and even though my fitness level has fluctuated, she has always been there to challenge and support me in this life long journey. I would strongly recommend Barbie to anyone seeking a positive and rewarding fitness experience. So when you are ready to begin your fitness journey, I challenge you to join our 6 am class!" 

-Liz T

"Working with Barbie on my fitness goals has been one of the best investments I could have made. Over the past two years she has been nothing but encouraging and supportive of all aspects of my well-being.  Our sessions are always hard work but with an element of fun and positive encouragement to keep me motivated. She has taught me to have patience with myself and that a healthy life style is a long term commitment. Barbie’s positive attitude and love for her work and clients is infectious. You can’t help but be inspired to do better with her as your trainer."

-Christine S

"Barbie is one of the most knowledgeable, committed and experienced trainers around. She is focused on me achieving my goals of overcoming a neck and back injury, proper technique to avoid injury, eating the right foods, pushing me harder than I would push myself, and at the same time having fun. I thoroughly enjoy my workouts and look forward to them and I am stronger and more in shape than I have been in years, plus the training has strengthened my back and neck muscles so I am able to golf again and I am not in as much pain. I would recommend Barbie to anyone looking to improve their fitness with a dedicated trainer."

-Carol C


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